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Dear Sacramento
Home Owners:

Sell Your Home 3x Faster and Put 47% More Money in Your Pocket.

That‘s right! Our offer will not only maximize the value of your current home, but we will get you the keys to your next one.


Let‘s Be Honest, Most Real Estate Agents Suck

You have been working day in and day out to get your house sold.

Your agent has tried to get you the best offer. But now you doubt your agent and the number of agents you have hired.

We get it. They don‘t tell you everything.

It‘s absolutely normal.

Thinking of firing your under-performing agent….. maybe you should!

What have you got to lose?

Selling a house without an agent is like setting sail without any destination.

The Risks of Not Hiring a Good Agent

You might get somewhere, but you will never know if that was the best deal that you could have gotten.

In this case, it could mean an extra $10-40k in your pocket but hey, after all, grandma ain‘t coming to check what you did with that inheritance she left you. Should she??

How about you remodel the bathroom to get a better price? Would a paint job make it look good? Maybe just sell it how it is now??


At the end of the day you need guidance from Sacramento real estate experts who have done this numerous times. Remember, you tried to set sail without a destination.

Btw! Isn‘t this a luxury home we are talking about? Shouldn‘t it just sell by itself? I mean look at the market. What if we...

Staged it?

Renovated the kitchen

Added new flooring

How about...?

Are you already thinking of all the bills... please get a glass of water, sit back, and relax!

Here is what we have to say...

Most luxury home sellers are a combination of class, ideas, and energy… but with a slight case of we-know-our-house-will-kill-it-in-the-market.

That is until they put it up for sale.

That is when the alarm bell rings.

A wake-up siren is heard!

Their agents can‘t find a buyer for the price they are asking.

They come back and just keep lowering the price...

We think it‘s time to break the cycle.


The Concierge Advantage

Lets maximize your home value now

Take the guesswork out of selling. It is time to get the price you prefer. The Compass Concierge program offers to fully renovate your home‘s looks without any interest or an upfront cost. You pay when it is sold. We will take care of things like:

advantage_check.svgRepairs across the house
advantage_check.svgCosmetic renovations
advantage_check.svgCustom closet work
advantage_check.svg Seller side inspections & evaluation
advantage_check.svgElectrical work
advantage_check.svgKitchen and bathroom improvements
advantage_check.svgAnd more than 100 other home improvement services

Our agents help you determine the range of services your home needs to maximize the return on investment. We stay with you throughout the process advising on the latest and keeping you well informed of the process.

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The Sacramento
Market is Ready to Buy

Are you ready to sell?

The Sacramento market is ripe.

It‘s a seller‘s heaven with buyers flocking to get their share.

Investors and buyers want the biggest, best, and the
most beautiful house they can lay their eyes on.

They are ready to shell out the cash,

believe it or not…

If your home is listed correctly they come….in flocks like sheep.

We have met them. We have seen them. We work with them.

The time to list is now !!!

The house won‘t sell itself, you know

but maybe with the right agents it will ;)

Downtown Sacramento

We are Sacramento‘s Preferred Real Estate Agents

At Warren Group we list homes that buyers simply want to buy.

We make sure your home is presented in the best possible way. We take care of all things from:

  • Photography
  • advertising
  • PR
  • Social Media
  • And So Much More...

We are not just your agent.

We become your ally in uplifting your home and help put nearly an extra 47%* in your pocket!!

Think it is too good to be true?

Well we have already closed those deals!

We ain’t shy to say- we are the best in Sacramento. Period.

From the Home You Have, to the One You Want

If you are like most home sellers we know, you probably already have another home that you are ready to purchase once you sell your current home.

But all your is money tied up in the house you are selling :(

You didn‘t think we would leave you without an option to move now, did you??

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Introducing … The Warren Group Bridge Loans

Introducing …
The Warren Group Bridge Loans

These are short-term loans based on the equity of your current house that help you make an offer on a new house. Once we help you find a house that you feel is perfect, you can go ahead and make an offer through this program. The lenders in this program will qualify you because your current house will sell and give you a loan based on the house equity.

We will take you from your home all the way to comfortably living in your new home!

You got a promotion and now you need to move to a whole new city outside of Sacramento? Outside of California even?

Don‘t worry- we got you covered!

Bridge Loans are available nationwide.

Also, if you decide to move across the country and need help finding a new place, our extensive network of Compass agents will take care of you. So you can sell your home through the Concierge program, move across the country and apply for a new home using a Bridge Loan. At The Warren Group, we make sure your real estate worries are a thing of the past.

Warren Group Bridge Loans

The Warren Group Marketing

Your Personal Real Estate Convoy

Gone are the days when you had to list your house and wait for it to sell.

3 months…. 6 months…. 12 months….

And even maybe longer than that.

Luxury homes have a knack for having an unaffordable expense budget.

Top that off with waiting time of months, and you sell a house that literally leaves short change in your pocket.

Our marketing team turns this all around.

A whole 180 degrees!

At Warren Group, our in-house marketing team makes all this possible using the latest technologies and digital marketing strategies available.

A top-notch videographer and photographer takes ideal photos of your property.

Social media and advertising gurus make sure all those photos reach the classiest buyers and investors from all over the country.

Our email program pushes your luxury property as an exclusive listing to our huge network of buyers and investors.

The Marketing Team is your one-stop solution to selling a your Sacramento luxury home and getting your listing seen by hundreds of thousands of potential buyers.

Need the best marketing solution for your property?

We can bet our money that there isn‘t any agents in Sacramento that do it like we do.

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About Us

Founded by Braxton Warren, the group has managed to grow rapidly, and with that growth comes new opportunities for residents to find their dream homes. If you‘re looking to sell your home, you can be confident that many interested buyers are eager to snatch up your property. The Warren Group is a team of dedicated, like-minded real estate professionals who have shown incredible results in the present-day industry. The Warren Group specializes in helping clients accomplish their real estate goals by developing strong community connections that help bring their dreams to fruition. From first-time home buyers to developers with large projects, all services are handled with the utmost passion and care. We look forward to speaking soon ;)