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From real estate education to modern property marketing. We combine advanced technology, photography, cinematography and marketing strategies to transform your property into an immersive experience for buyers.

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We provide educational content on important real estate topics through various social media channels and our website. We have a Google business page and a website that showcases our most current listings. Our social media is integrated with our website, blog and business pages. We use Facebook and Instagram to share photos of our listings and the story behind each property.

In addition to the above social media outlets, we also use targeted online advertising to reach buyers and renters in our area. We have a team of professionals who create ads that are both Eye-catching and Informative. Our team also monitors the effectiveness of each ad and makes changes when necessary.

We believe that by providing valuable content, showcasing our listings prominently and using targeted advertising, we can continue to generate and nurture leads and keep our name top of mind for homeowners and renters looking for a new home. This keeps us providing our sellers with the best marketing for their listings and sell their homes faster.


Real estate education is a way for us to give back and add value to the communities we serve. Our brokers and agents are constantly educating themselves on the latest real estate trends and methods, so that they can provide the best possible service to their clients. We believe that education is key to success, both for our clients and for our agents.


Using the proper strategies to market our clients listings is a large part of our job as a real estate agent. These days, our social media and web presence is just as important as the time you put into your listings. Posting beautiful photos is just the beginning, we like to stand out and use methods that catch the attention of potential buyers.


We take pride in the quality of our content production and how we tell the story about each of our listings. With so many ways to present our listings online, our team works hard to ensure that our listings are presented professionally and consistently across each platform. Our clients rely on us to market their listings the right way and we deliver.


How We Highlight and Market Our Listings

We use our social media and web presence as an asset to help our clients. Our incredible reach allows us to market our listings and draw attention from potential buyers. We use advanced search engine optimization techniques combined with paid advertising to ensure that potential buyers can find our listings when they are searching for properties on the internet. We also have a strong network of agents and brokers who refer their clients to us when they are looking for the perfect property in one of our communities. We always go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are happy with their experience and we are dedicated to helping you succeed by achieving your goals in real estate.

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Client Testimonials

"Working with Braxton has been a unique and amazingly rewarding experience. Braxton is unlike any realtor we have ever worked with. We thought we had good agents in the past. We have never experienced this level of advocacy, balanced with his generous nature, his tenacity, while masterfully treating both sides of the sale with respect - he never diminished any of our interests, and always strategically moved us toward our goal. When we worried about specific challenges, Braxton made it abundantly clear that he takes the responsibility as the professional and handles every challenge beyond satisfaction (and there were many). No one could have anticipated the problems caused from this Covid pandemic and the complications it created for every stage of the escrow process, and this is where Braxton really excelled. We were so impressed, … Thank you Braxton-we are so very glad we found you!"

John and Margery Barrett

Warren Group Partners Client Reviews

"Braxton helped my fiancé and I to purchase our first home. I didn’t realize how daunting the entire process would be, but with Braxton he made the process so much better. He took a lot of the stress away from us and always kept our best interests in mind. He was always quick to answer questions and when he didn’t have the answer, he did the research to find it. I’m happy to say that we were able to purchase our first home at the age of 22. Thank you Braxton for being an amazing agent."

Ivanna Stevenson & Sheridon Evans

Warren Group Partners Client Reviews

"Amran's hard work, dedication and the time spent in helping us acquire a 120 year old fourplex in Downtown Sacramento was truly remarkable. When the marketing agent failed to show up to show us the property, we called Amran and he set up a walk-thru within 10 minutes of our call. Helped us negotiate a reduction of the asking price, met with our building and pest inspectors."

Sue Mann & Howard Singh

Warren Group Partners Client Reviews

"We strongly recommend Braxton Warren. When we make our next real estate purchase or sale, we want Braxton to represent and advise us. Braxton immediately impressed us with his marketing plan, team and massive resources for the project of selling our home quickly. He updated us daily and made sound recommendations. His team's photography and virtual staging was stunning. He and his team were always available and very responsive to our questions. He treated us like family. Braxton offered us great advice, explaining various scenarios and potential outcomes, while ensuring we understood we were the ultimate decision makers. In order to meet our short deadline, Braxton's team followed up with potential purchasers and shared timely feedback and options. Whenever we became discouraged after Sacramento's "100-year storm" and the looming holiday housing market slow down, Braxton stayed positive, resourceful and motivating. He really saved the day for us. My husband and I aren't big fans of real estate agents in general with the exception of Braxton Warren and his team. Thank you Braxton!"

Tom & Jacqueline Coursey

Warren Group Partners Client Reviews

"Kudos to George E Chemali for being an insightful, wise, and hard-working realtor. Truly appreciative and forever grateful for his phenomenal service is an understatement! George’s character as an exceptional person comes with his attentive professionalism, acute listening skills,and knowledge. Understanding clients generational demands, he has mastered those three words: location, location, location! Hospitals, shops, and peaceful entertainment are important to me as an active senior! If you want a stress-free, peaceful,and insightful house-hunting journey, George E Chemali comes highly recommended"

Diane Lavergne

Warren Group Partners Client Reviews

"George was amazing and helped us close on our very first home in just over a month from the day we started looking. He always made himself available, 7 days a week as we went through the process of searching, viewing and putting in offers. George was very reliable and worked very quickly and did the best he could to find us our perfect home. After our offer was accepted, George was able to get all of our inspections done in a timely manner and was even able to negotiate a seller’s credit on some repairs that needed to be done, not easy in a seller’s market! I would recommend George to anyone looking for a home. He is willing to go the extra mile and is able to build strong relationships with everyone around him. Thank you George!"

Jackie and Agustin Fields

Warren Group Partners Client Reviews

"I’m so thankful to have found George to help me purchase my next home & turn my current home into a real estate investment. He was able to provide resources to help me with all aspects of this unique transaction. Initially, I was uncertain of financial states I could be in during this transaction but he was able to lay out live data to help me see all the steps from A-Z. Talking about a huge relief on the biggest purchases of my life! He truly is a one stop shop for not only purchasing homes but super resourceful for home maintenance & upgrades too! I love that he keeps himself aligned & evolved with today's market because it makes it easier for people like myself to purchase their next home"

Melody Joy Talisayon

Warren Group Partners Client Reviews